put your money where your mouth is

Put your money where your mouth is.

I heard it clearly, but I asked again. How should we give?

Put your money where your mouth is.

About this time last year, God and I were discussing money and giving and the heart of it and this was His twice given answer to my twice asked question. I know where my mouth is a majority of the time. It's on love. If you know me, you know that this is a huge part of what I believe - that we are all called to walk in love. Nonjudging, overwhelming, indiscriminate love.

It is easy to declare love, to sprinkle the words around like glitter, sticking to everything in sight. But love is a verb. It is an action. It is words set in motion by our mouths, welling up from our heart, and followed through with some sort of activity. And now, the effort that He was asking of our family was to give from our wallets to that which we have sprinkled words over before.

I wasn't exactly sure where or how this would take place, so I simply said, "Show us and we will give." And just like that, the money train was rolling. We were never at a loss for people or circumstances in which to give love in the form of money.

I actually started to list the places and people that we had given to, before going back and deleting it. I realize that the where or how is still unimportant. The important thing is this : He spoke and we answered out of the love we have in our hearts, love for Him, love for others. In every circumstance, we gave in love, from an open heart and wallet, and with prayers for the person/situation.

As the months of 2017 went by, it became less about doing something and more about being something. We were able to touch other hearts in ways that our words alone never could. We no longer merely paid lip service to this Jesus of Love, we became this Love by giving without expectation of any return on our investment, without holding the money hostage while blasting a sermon at them, without strings attached that strangle Him right out of the picture.

but a return did come...
a return of even more love to offer, more heart to share, and more finances to give.

and a sermon was preached...
one where the actions of love did all of the talking.

and strings were attached...
the strings of our hearts attached Him to the strings of their hearts.

May our money always be where our mouths are.



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