do this, don't do that

Do this. Don't do that.

The list of all the ways that I have seen or heard to better my life is long. Politics, friends, religion, family, news, social media. Everyone has a different take on the way to achieve a better you, a better life. But, what do you think? What is in your heart to do?

As a child, I needed rules and guidance and someone older, more mature, to show me the way. As I grew, I needed to explore the boundaries of those limitations. I needed to see if they were right for me, for who I am. I found the places that needed adjusted, places where I could expand out into more, or where I needed to draw the line back. I discovered that my lines of who I am are more fluid than I first believed.

Some of this was done within the confines of a strict religious mindset. Some of it was done in the turbulent days of a youth gone wild. Some of it was done under the (false) assumption that following rules would bring acceptance. Some of it was done when my very soul was conflicted about the truth of who I was. Some of it was done with my Creator, digging into the very spirit of truth.

I don't resent any of it. I wouldn't go back and change this walk because it has brought me here, to this day where I am more convinced than ever before about my identity, my truth, and my purpose here.

I am not a child anymore. I do not require rules to keep me on whatever straight and narrow path another has chosen for me. I am not a rebellious teen balking at being given orders just for the fight attached to it.
I am a maturing, full of spirit daughter who knows who I am, who spends time with her Father. In our conversations, "do this, don't do that" is simply never a part. We talk about life and what it looks like and choices to be made. And it always comes back to this : who are you?

Who am I? As I am walking through my days, living in the moments, making conscious decisions, are they aligning with who I am, who I was created to be? Are good intentions paving the way to my own hell or the driving force that turns them into an intentionality that walks out the talk?

Do I mess up? Sure. Does He condemn me, sending me back to a state of childhood constructed of stipulations and laws? No. I learn and grow and fix what can be fixed and face my consequences head on and remind myself once again who I am and I live this life I've been given as only I can.

That is my do this, not that.
That is my line, my standard.
What is yours? Only you can decide that.


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