wise choices and self love

At one point last year, the hubby and I were discussing a situation with our hindsight glasses firmly in place, pointing out where we took the misguided step, and chalking the experience up to a life lesson. Because doesn't that sound better than saying we made another mistake? Life lesson sounds like we are learning and growing and moving on from it.

But, I was tired of life lessons piling up behind us. And I said so.
"We need to walk into life making wise choices before and lessen the amount of life lessons behind."

It became a joke at first, throwing out the words "make wise choices" anytime we were faced with decisions. Then, the more we said it, the more that it stuck with me, and I started thinking it into all areas of my life.

Look at that pretty pair of LuLaRoe...     is that a wise choice?

Starbucks drive thru is so convenient...     is that a wise choice?

I'm craving french fries, or ice cream, or...     is that a wise choice?

I am not one that is into denial. If I really want something, I like to have it. That's just the honest truth. But, in doing so, am I making the absolute best choices for myself? And the honest answer for that would have to be no.

And that led to this train of thought : if I love my self (which has been a journey in itself), does that self love also require me to make wise choices? to make the choices that will end in the very best for me? I make choices every day pertaining to just me, but what has that looked like? Am I satisfied with where some of my choices have led me?

I don't make New Years resolutions anymore. I set intentions. And daily, I read those intentions, keeping them fresh in my mind as I go about my day, making choices that align with my intentions. It has changed how I spend my money, how I spend my time, the words I speak, what I eat and drink. Do I have to deny myself some things that I want? Sure. But, I know that the payoff is coming, down the road, in making those hard but wise choices.

What is the point of setting intentions if I have no follow through?
What is the point of saying that I love myself if I don't care enough to make the wisest choices for myself?

Life is short. I want to make the most of it, but that means that I want to make the best of it as well. Where I am today is because of every choice that I have made before this very moment. Even in those places where others have made choices which affected me, I still have a choice in the after, in how I will respond, in how I will move on from that place.

Love God. Love others. Love myself.
Doing that, and doing that well, involves wise choices.


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