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a few of my favorite things

~salted caramel scented candles
~pictures of my family
~action movies
~my hubby
~his cooking
~reading trashy novels
~white chocolate mochas from Starbucks
~Long Island ice tea
~a clean house
~my children
~fuzzy socks
~sweet mint tea
~the smell of fresh dirt
~reality tv
~worshipping my Jesus
~Bath & Body's Coconut Lime Breeze products
~fuzzy navels (of the drinking variety!)
~my sock monkey
~do nothing days
~the sun
~my friends
~cake (mainly the icing!)
~walks in the woods

who are we?

through the window of life
we watch
and wait
for the day to come.
the day that we will be
do you know
     that we wait?
do you know
     that we cry?
do you know
     that we never give up?
do you know
     who we are?

Who is standing outside of your life, watching, waiting, longing to belong, to have what you offer, to be a part of you, to be accepted for who they are? Is it the homeless man on the corner? the busy cashier where you shop weekly? the teen battling a mental illness? the tired single mom struggling to keep her family together? the strung out drug abuser? the elderly neighbor who stays shut up in her home, lonely and depressed? Reach out! Don't worry about what you can't do - just concentrate on what you can do for them. Acceptance and love are what every person desires and what they deserve. Start there!

in with the new

the pain is as fresh
as if it happened yesterday.
the hurts run deep
and wide.
wounds are tender to the touch,
ugly to the eye.
healing begins,
memories decreasing,
betrayal lessening.
the trauma no longer
haunts the mind daily.
time marches on.
the scars are visible
but fading,
but not defining.
the day is coming
when the old will be no more
and the new will reign complete.


Words can wound as much as physical blows. May I always be sensitive to what rolls off my tongue - may it be healing, not hurting; uplifting, not degrading; positive, not negative; and may it bring life, not death!