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just believe

It seems like there is always that one mountain that I keep going around. It stops me in my forward motion, blocks my path, detains me from my destiny. It towers over me, whispers its lies in my ear, fills me with doubt. It beats me up, with its incessant distortion of the truth, and leaves me limp and useless. And yet, there is a charm to its beguiling ways that keeps me entranced, like I'm locked in the stare of a snake charmer, unable to escape the obvious danger.  The mountain has a name. It is Unworthiness.On good days, I recognize it, stop my trek, and resolve once again to believe in who I am. Just believe. Believe that I am good enough. Believe that I am created this way for a purpose. Believe that who I am is exactly who I should be. Believe that what He says is the real Truth. Believe that I am worthy, that I am His daughter, that I am royalty. Believe that together, we can decimate that mountain, once and for all times!  Anything you do for the attention or…

growing pains

I am obviously not a child physically, but at times, I feel like I am in my spiritual walk. While I have been a "Christian" for 20+ years, I have only walked as a Daughter of my Father for the past 3. This evolution from what I thought being His meant to truly becoming His has been quite a journey. It has been the best adventure ever, but also one of the most painful. and I have no one to blame but myself. Growth happens. It can't be stopped. It shouldn't be stopped. As an infant moves through the stages to adulthood, there are uncomfortable times, there are growing pains, but we don't interrupt the progress, we don't halt the march to maturity. And yet, in my own process, this is exactly what I have done. At the first hint of discomfort, I am ready to bail, to jump His ship and tread water on my own. I want the 'warm fuzzy' Jesus, the 'feel good' love. Let's just be honest, I want it easy. But there is no true growth in easy and definite…

leaving love

Love God.
Love people.

Anyone who has read any of my writings, or spent some real time with me in the last few years, knows that this is my heart, that this is what I am about, my love for Him, His love for me, and the love we share for all of His people. Love. It's that simple. Just love.

I lived most of my life believing that God was someone to be feared, a heavy-handed dictator, waiting to penalize me for each infraction. I spent my time either making sure that my transgressions were big enough to justify my being punished, or existing in a super vigilant atmosphere of black and white, good and evil, right and wrong. Both were hell.

This is why I embrace His love with both arms, with all that I have, all that I am. I need that love. I want that love. It is necessary to my soul. Being washed in His love has removed the fears and irrational beliefs of who He is, of who I am. It has strengthened me, bonded me to Him like never before, changed me, made me alive. It…


I am in a grieving process. Not for the death of someone, but for the death of something. Not for the death of a friend, but for the death of a friendship that never was. I've heard the analogies of relationship and how it works. The progressive waves of circles that start with my closest, tightest circle of people in my life and continues outward to the mere acquaintances. And I get it, really I do. I have a group of people in my life that range from those that I would die for to those that I only communicate with on social media. Not everyone gets to be in that first, intimate sphere. or even in the first few. I get it. But there should be a balance, an evening-out of sorts, between my placement of them and their placement of me.
"A friendship is like a seesaw. It takes two people, and each needs to give and take a little to balance out the ride."Jinhee Junis
And I just can't do it anymore. I can't keep placing them in my closest loops, while I'm on their ou…


You shall make for yourselves no idols and erect no carved images or pillars, and you shall not place figured stones in your land, to worship at them; for I am the Lord your God. Leviticus 26:1 

"...anything short of a full on relationship with the living God can be idol worship."

As I've pondered on this, I've realized that I've set up a few idols that are taking the place of God, man being one. I know when God is telling me to say something, do something, head in a certain direction. I know His whisper in my ear, His nudge of my spirit, His leading. I've even experienced hearing Him audibly. I know Him and He knows me. My struggle is do I know who I am? Do I trust that He created me, fashioned me for a purpose, and that all I need is to walk in that? At this point, it would be a lie to say yes. Because if I did, I wouldn't need the approval of others, the constant reassurance that I am indeed headed down the correct path, that I am being a "go…

the sisterhood

Honesty and transparency make you vulnerable. Be honest and transparent anyway.
- Mother TheresaHere, in this blog, in my writing, honesty and transparency come more easily to me. Out there, in the world, with other women, it suddenly feels like a giant that I can't overcome. Or maybe, I don't want to overcome. Here's a nugget of truth : women are catty with one another. It just isn't the world either. I've experienced it every bit as much, maybe more, inside the church. I have no idea of what all the dynamics are that play into this hurtful game, but I know that our Daddy would have never wanted this for us. He wants women to reach out to other women - in love, in acceptance, in transparency, in hope. Not in comparison, in competition, in fear.  He wants us to embrace one another - in our differences and our likenesses, in our strengths and our weaknesses. He wants us to stand side by side, a force to be reckoned with, drawing our collective might through Him, fo…

I want it all

My metamorphosis is going through it's own changes. Changes of what is happening, of how it is happening. Every part of this is new, is evolving me into another being, and yet still the same me. It is digging in deeper, digging down, digging out, and I am helpless to control it. Not that I want to. I asked my Papa to do this. Asked Him for this process. I cannot abort this transformation. It must play out to the finish, although I'm not confident that there is a finish. I am resigning myself to the thought that this could be a lifelong progression, a continuation of shifting and adjusting, of renewal and revival. And I'm good with that. In fact, I want it. I don't want the stale life anymore, the stagnancy of living a "status quo" Christian life. I am a daughter of the King. I am royalty. I have been given more than this. This has everything to do with Him, with Jesus, and the work that He is doing within me. I can fight it, like I have before. I can bu…

I am there

ignored me, or didn't talk to me...said something that I disagreed with, or didn't like...didn't facebook friend me, or like my status, or respond to my posts...didn't respond to me as quickly as I'd like or maybe not at all...didn't love me like I wanted, or thought that I needed...listen to/sing/compose/perform music/dance that I don't like, or approve of, or differently, believe differently, look differently, act differently...didn't take my call, or return it, or a text...didn't extend an invitation to (fill in the blank), or didn't accept mine to (whatever)...don't conduct business, or church, or relationships like I want...
You...offended me.

I awoke with these jumbled thoughts and accusations running through my mind. It was distressing. It was frustrating. It was painful. It was Jesus. He was giving me these emotions and thoughts and feelings for a purpose. For His purpose. For understanding, and intercession, and…

drowning in grace

You call
I come
unyielding persistence
I must succumb

face to face
eye to eye
drowning in grace
an infinite supply

surrounded, enveloped
wrapped so tight
Your arms of love
impossible to fight

and just like that
I'm forever lost
in who You are
not counting the cost

everywhere I look
You are found
healing, power
and mercy abound

no longer shackled
You set me free
restored, forgiven
the created me

all that I am
I surrender to You
send Your Spirit
fan this flame anew


There is a man from a neighboring town who is extremely patriotic. And by extremely, I mean extremely. You cannot forget him after just one encounter. I have never personally met him, but I have seen him and read some of his writings. He breathes, he lives, a love for America that I've never witnessed before. Not even our leaders seem to love this country as deeply as he does. He is unforgettable.

I noticed him last evening when I was out driving. I knew it was him the moment I saw him, across three lanes of traffic. He dresses completely in red, white, and blue apparel; his bicycle has several flag items, and attached to the back, flapping in the breeze, a very large flag. He is impossible to miss. One look and you know where his loyalty, his love is. I am convinced that, if we spoke, his speech would follow suit.

I wonder, do I exude my loyalty, my love of the Father this way? As soon as others see me, do they recognize the Jesus that I serve? After just one encounter, whether …

no longer orphans

God keeps bringing this phrase to my thoughts : "I love you, but not only that, I wanted you. From the very moment of conception, even from the very thoughts of your parents, from the beginning of time, I wanted you. I wanted you! I am a proud Daddy who has been present in your life from the very beginning." As I hear His words, I can picture Him being the expectant Father who passes out cigars, with a full-blown smile on His face, His heart overflowing with goodness in anticipation of how our lives will unfold before Him. It doesn't matter if our parents purposed to have us or were taken by surprise; if we were raised with both, only one, or neither parent; if we felt loved or were neglected. None of that matters because He wanted us. We are His children, His sons and daughters, and He is our Daddy. He delights in us, all of the time, in our good times and bad, regardless of how we feel or if we even acknowledge Him - He still delights in us. We are not orphans. We are…

take it all

A little over six weeks ago, I had a beautiful encounter with Jesus. It was during worship and the song we were singing was perfect - perfect for me, perfect for that time, perfect for the season that I was in. As I started singing the words "Here I am, take every part of me. I am Yours", I had no choice but to drop to my knees. I cried out those words from deep within my soul, deep within my heart, because I meant it. I was tired of the struggle, worn from the process, and feeling like I just wasn't going to make it through this metamorphosis one more day. I needed Him so badly that I was willing to surrender it all, every single part of me - the good and the bad, the highs and the lows, the things that I thought that I had already given up and those things that I was holding on to with a firm grip. I relinquished it all, everything, all of me, in that very moment. And He met me there, in my submission, with His arms open wide. I was barely conscious of the continuing w…

eyes wide open

This metamorphosis has been tedious, and painful, and seemingly prolonged. At times, I can't help but wonder if the caterpillar feels this way, tucked away in the chrysalis, or if it is blissfully unaware of the dramatic changes occurring to it and within it. Regardless, I can feel it. and I don't always like it. I am stubborn and resistant to change, so you can imagine how well this process has been going for me. I even told God that I preferred my old life, one where I was content to ignore His voice, to live my life selfishly thinking only of my wants, and to forever be the lowly, crawling creature of habit. I mean, caterpillars are useful too, right? But, I am not that person anymore, and only a fear of the unknown was driving me to covet it. I recognize that I willingly crawled into this chrysalis of transformation, dragging my suitcases of resentment, and offense, and bitterness, and disappointment, and wounds, and anger, and pain. Instead of embracing complete change th…

worn...part 2 - excuses

As I have been prioritizing my life and learning how to say no to the unnecessary and yes to the important, I've realized something. There is a difference in saying no to that which I am not called to at this moment and saying no merely from an apathetic standpoint.

There are some activities that I have removed from my schedule because I no longer feel like that is a part of where I am headed. Others have been removed because it was never who I was to begin with, but guilt or people pleasing kept it in my life. It has been a process walked out with the Father and I am confident that I am headed in the right direction. I am learning that 'no' is not always a negative. I have to be responsible with my time, money, and/or efforts. I have to put myself where I am most beneficial, where I am truly being who I was created to be, and where He has a purpose through me.

However, during this time He has shown me various opportunities where I've said 'no' for no other r…

doma's dead

"DOMA is dead!" read one of my facebook friends status. Since I'm not one to follow news too closely, I decided that something must have happened and I was behind. again. I didn't have to look too hard to find that the Defense Of Marriage Act had been struck down by the Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision. Good! While I have a lot of mixed feelings on homosexuality, I am 100% sure of this - they deserve the same right to marry as my husband and I did. Believe me, this statement makes me unpopular in my conservative family and church circles (but not by everyone). Popularity has never been my goal though. But loving my God and ALL the people He created has. Making a person feel second-class, somehow inferior, would never have been how Jesus communicated His Father's love to others. never. And I can't help but compare it to the same struggles that my parents went through when they married, just one year after the Supreme Court's decision to make it (interracial…

worn...part 1

"To be all things to all people, you will eventually be nothing to anyone." Jeff Coombs

Being a stay at home wife and mom has always been my dream. I'm incredibly blessed to be able to do that, and nothing makes me feel more fulfilled than knowing that when my family needs me, I am there. Except that lately, I'm not. My calendar is overflowing with appointments, dates with friends, volunteer activities, etc. Not one day is void of my penciled in comings and goings. And sometimes, I just want to scream at the busyness that my life now is. Or run away and hide from it all. I feel guilty that I can't do it all - that I can't be all that everyone needs me to be. Or wants me to be. For the most part, I love the things that I am involved in. ~~~(I had to sit for a while and contemplate that last sentence. My way of writing has always been to think and write at the same time, then go back and edit it until it sounds acceptable. This time I'm not going to edit t…

walk the line

Last night during a group discussion at church, we discussed the highway of life that leads to Him. The picture that was painted in my mind had a ditch of "greasy grace" on one side where everything was allowable due to God's unconditional love and unfailing grace. The other side's ditch was "legalism" where rules abound, obedience reigns over any mercy, and condemnation trumps love.

Growing up in a restrictive church, the legalism ditch was already familiar. And, having been freed from that quagmire, I ran headlong straight across the road and dove into the pool of grace. I've been swimming there for a while. A long while. I spent many a year feeling a cloud of condemnation over me. One that was not from my Papa, but from others steeped in their own pile of legalism. Being liberated from that felt so good, so right. How could I ever do that to anyone else? I couldn't. So I've been drifting down the river of unconditional love ever since (notic…

another year

It's my birthday, and while I should be celebrating, I have mixed feelings. I don't like aging. I like being young(er). Another year added on just isn't setting right with me this time. Maybe it's because I hit a double number. Maybe becoming a grandma. Or the fact that in a few short weeks, I will be watching my third child cross that graduation stage. and move out. and plan a wedding for next year. Maybe because I have to wear glasses now. I'm not sure. Life seems to be zipping by me and I'm out of breath, scrambling like a newborn Bambi on ice, to catch hold of something, anything, solid to slow it down. Waaay down. And while I'd like to think that I'm still young and hip, my kids tell me that my very use of that word shows that I'm not! Plus, my body tells me so every morning. Maybe I just need another tattoo. or piercing. Yeah, that's it. That should stop the clock. or at least make me feel better.

won't. back. down.

As I delve further into this metamorphosis, I am uncovering more of who I am, at my innermost core, and what I think, feel, and believe. Most of it I am sharing with all of you, right here on this blog. I am opening the door to my hidden being and displaying what has, at times, been an uncomfortable journey. But lately, here is what I am noticing : people that I called friends are disappearing. They are pulling back, or vanishing, or even attacking. And it hurts. More than anything. Am I being too honest, too open, revealing too much? Is it my evolving beliefs and views? Is it my refusal to be the Sherri of old, to continue to drain myself in areas that I no longer belong? Honestly, I have no idea because there has been no discussion, no one approaching me with a reason, just the blaring exodus of those who claim to love me.

This is what I do know. I won't apologize for who I am, ever. I won't change. I won't go back. I am a new creation. I may be fragile at this point, b…

no more hiding

I first published this in May of 2013. A lot has changed in that time. A lot has stayed the same. There are updates at the end of this post.

One of my daughters is on a daily SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) or, in layman's terms, an antidepressant. She was diagnosed with the main dish of Anxiety Disorder, with a side of depression. I can joke about it now - and she can too - but it hasn't always been that way.
We first encountered it years ago. At the time we sought counseling but nothing else in the way of help for her. She was so young that I just couldn't imagine putting her on a medication. I had a hard time even accepting that she might have a mental disorder. We got through that time - barely - and went on without it rearing its head again. But when it resurfaced three years ago, it did so with a vengeance. This time, I was better equipped myself to deal with it. There was no hesitation. We immediately saw a doctor, got a prescription, and set up cou…

my pet peeves...part 2

11. When others don't understand and/or respect that the hubby sleeps during the day. While others are snug in their beds at night, he is working hard for our family. Although his sleep time is when others are usually awake, he deserves to have his eight hours also. Besides, do you want to be driving next to the big rig being driven by a sleepy guy?
12. People who try to use my love of God against me. For example : if you really loved God you would ________(fill in the blank). Yes, I love God. Yes, I try to always do what is right. Yes, I am human and make mistakes. No, I am not a doormat to be used.
13. The entitlement attitude that seems prevalent in today's society. Hubby and I were raised to work for what we needed and wanted. We are raising our children to do the same.
14. Bad drivers. Yes, they made this second list too! If you don't understand how to yield, what happens at a four way stop, or that a red light actually means stop, you are unsafe. Get off the road.


Hunger. It's a word that I'm hearing a lot. The spiritual leader of my church has an insatiable hunger for all that God has, both for him and for all of us. And it's contagious. To a point. Because each of us has to want it, desire it, for ourselves. He can't impart it fully to us. We have to be responsible for that. He can point the way to the One that we hunger for, but he can't make us take the journey. He can convey his experiences with Him, his love for Him, his devotion, and service, and commitment, but until I decide, on my own, to take that initiative, he's preaching to the wind. Thank God that isn't the case. I do want what he has. I want to want more of Him. I want to hunger for Him. I want that desire to have more and more and more of Jesus, til I'm drenched in Him, overflowing with Him, and my life speaks of Him in a way that says volumes more than my mere words ever could.

Make way for the Risen One
On His throne, in my heart!
Make way for the…

battle scars

Going into this latest process, I was unsure of what it would entail. I knew that it would be unlike any other step has been in this metamorphosis of mine; that it wouldn't resemble any road that I have taken thus far. And I was right. It's new, and scary, and painful, and necessary.

My life is crisscrossed with battle scars - some physical but mostly emotional. I have always lived under this motto "Life happens, good and bad, and no matter what, just keep going. The past is the past, so suck it up and move on." I'm not one to spend time on self pity. I take responsibility for all of my actions. I take pride in the fact that I am an overcomer. So, imagine my surprise when I realize that God wants to take me back to those "overcoming" moments; that He wants to show me that I wasn't really overcoming at all. I was merely slapping gauze on the wound, pretending that all was fine, while underneath it has been festering and oozing all sorts of negative …

the day that never came

What am I going to do? I'm sitting in the office waiting for the results of the test. My mind is racing. My palms are sweating. Heck, I'm sweating all over. I'm scared. and nervous. and feel like throwing up. Or is that just a symptom? I'm making promises to God, which is pretty funny since I haven't talked to Him in awhile. Not since the last time I needed help.
What am I going to do? Time is dragging. Where is that nurse? Shouldn't she be back by now? Is that a good sign or a bad one? I need to know the answer. No wait, I don't want to know (yes, I do). I can't bury my head in the sand (or can I?). I can't pretend like this isn't happening (right?). I have to know one way or the other. Yes or no. Positive or negative.
What am I going to do? This is crazy. How did I get here? I'm too young for this. I'm just a teen. This only happens to other people. This can't be happening to me (can it?). I did what I was supposed to do (or didn…

moving on

wandering through the desert
day in
day out
oblivious to my surroundings
blind to my path
thinking I'm right

only when I stumble
into paradise
do I realize my hunger
comprehend my thirst
see clearly my nomadic footprints
marking the sands of life

I like it here
in this lush oasis
encircled by friends
enveloped in love
so peaceful here
in my refuge

was this a mirage
quickly fading
here today
gone tomorrow
the desert invading
nirvana receding

moving on
steps of purpose
moving up
paradigm shift
moving out

life is spent
in the desert
in the oasis
in the mountain
in the valley
always in His love

I won't complain
I won't be afraid
perfect love drives out fear
meeting new territory
boldly head-on
peacefully assured

moving on
steps of purpose
moving up
paradigm shift
moving out

and the honor goes to...part 1

This will be a series of posts in which I honor people who have made an impact in my life, both in my past and in my present. I am blessed to still have some of these people in my life; others are now celebrating with Jesus; others are no longer a part of my close circle, yet still made a difference to me. I want to share them with you. I want to honor them. I want them to know how much I love and respect them. The first one is dedicated to my childhood babysitter, Pat B.

Growing up, both of my parents worked. This meant that my sister and I went to a babysitter when we were younger. We had a few, but the one that we spent the most time with, and that I remember the most, lived right up the road from us. We were actually neighbors, but being in the country, that meant a cornfield separated us. I recall being there when I was in kindergarten until I was old enough to stay by myself, probably around 12 or 13.

I love to reminisce about my time there. It was my home away from home. They…

death is coming

I have been in the midst of this metamorphosis for a little over three years now. The time seems both short and long. I have grown immensely - in my relationship with my Papa, in my knowledge of who I really am, in the bonds I've formed with others. I also feel like I've barely moved forward at all, like my feet are stuck in the mud of passivity. It has been the best of times. It has been the worst of times.

I was challenged to be completely transparent, so this will be true, and raw, and completely heartfelt. The last few weeks have been brutal. I felt like I was at the end of my rope. Someone told me this : You are running out of soul juice. It's almost depleted. You can't keep relying on yourself. Rely on Him. Let Him do what He wants to do in you. Yep, that summed it up perfectly. I thought that I was relying on Him, but in reality, I was doing a lot on my own. Doing. The mindset of who I am is tied to what I do is a hard one to break. I do a lot, but that is not w…


"Standing at the crossroads, trying to read the signs, to tell me which way I should go to find the answer, and all the time I know, plant your love and let it grow." 

I don't worry about the crossroads anymore. It used to be so laborious - pray, and think, and pray, and ask others, and pray, and make a decision, and pray that I hadn't just screwed up! That doesn't mean that now I just run blindly through, not caring which way I go. I'm just not so preoccupied with making the perfect decision. Looking back, I realize how much time and energy was wasted trying to walk exactly how I thought that God wanted me to; all the guilt and condemnation I felt when I realized that I had chosen the "wrong" path. Now, I understand my Papa more, and His love for me. I understand that He is with me no matter which path I choose. I understand that life is full of decisions, and lessons are learned in those decisions, and that is a good thing. I understand that He is …


I let down my guard
allowed you behind the wall
uncovered hidden parts
and laid bare my soul.

At ease, I turned
continuing my walk
confident in our relationship
trusting your friendship.

On a quest to be true
this path seemed natural
but now I'm at a loss
was it real or imagined?

I would have understood
a knife to the back.
Betrayal is not new
we've met before.

This is far worse
pain cuts to the core.
I was there for you
where are you now?

You are still here
inside my fortress.
I feel exposed
you are impervious.

Battered and bruised
I begin anew
a wall within my walls
against your


little eyes, big revelation

If you know me at all, you know that my heart is my family. It's all I've ever wanted since I was little - a husband and children. No college. No degree. No career. Just being a wife and mom. That is my career, my job, my life. I struggled with that for years, feeling that I somehow wasn't enough, that a real woman would be able to do it all. It's not that I couldn't do it all. I don't want to do it all. I want to be available for my husband. I want to be available for my children. And now, I want to be available for my grandchildren. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. This is how God created me, and I am at peace with that. I am excited by that. I am blessed by that.

I realized after holding my first grandchild, looking into her eyes, that I have been doing everything right, that I am okay. I'm not saying that I am a perfect wife and mother. I am far from that! I am saying that God showed me that who I am is exactly who He meant me to be; tha…

who is the needy one?

Last June marked the onset of a journey for me of greater awareness for the needy in my area. That has been continuing, and in December our family started helping weekly at an area church that feeds the hungry. My first time there, I served with tears in my eyes. It was distressing to view how many were in need of a hot meal, right here in my own community. Earlier this month, I had the privilege of travelling to North Carolina to help First Fruits Ministry. They have an outreach that meets many needs in their area, including feeding the hungry. While there, I asked God to break my heart for what was breaking His. Maybe I should have realized what that would really mean! I'm a very emotional person on a regular day - this exceeded that! I experienced such an ache, an overwhelming pain for what His people were struggling with - their homelessness, and need, and feelings of hopelessness. I knew that I was encountering only a portion of how His heart really felt. I couldn't have …

just what is perfect?

I have battled with perfection since I was young. I live with the motto "If you can't do it right, don't do it at all." This means struggling to do everything until it is just right. By whose standards, I'm not even sure. Countless hours have been wasted in this constant striving to do it just right. The guilt and condemnation that I place upon myself for not achieving perfection is horrendous. And completely unnecessary.

Recently, God said to me that His definition of perfect is this - just being who He called me to be. That's it. No striving. No working. No battling. No struggling. Just resting in who I am and being that person to others around me. Curious, I looked the word perfect up and this is what it said - "exactly fitting the need in a certain situation or for a certain purpose." Bingo!!

double the blessing

Wow. I cannot believe that my babies are teenagers. Thirteen years. Where did the time go? I would love to say that I remember this day like it was yesterday, but I don't. I was extremely sick when I had an emergency c-section with them, doped up on I'm not sure what, and the memories are fuzzy. I do remember the important part - seeing them and knowing that they were okay, despite being 7 weeks early. For those who've never heard - this is their story.....

I was so happy. My second daughter was born. I had the family that I had always wanted - hubby and me, with one son and two daughters. We were done having children, right? We thought so but we didn't want to do anything permanent till we were 100% positive. We set a deadline of when Mid J turned three. If we both still felt the same, someone was visiting the doctor (and by someone, I meant hubby)! With only three months to go until we hit the designated day, God spoke clearly to me that our family wasn't finishe…


I'm sure that you've all seen the youtube videos of the people of walmart. If not, please allow me to elaborate. They are pictures and videos of people and what they shop at walmart in : pajamas, bathing suits, ill-fitting clothes, hardly any clothes, crazy outfits, you name it - it's on there! And it's all set to its own catchy tune. I have seen this type of behavior in other places, but walmart seems to have the worst reputation for it.

I bring this up because this is the trend that I am noticing : People don't want to shop there because this is the type of clientele that walmart seems to attract. I myself am guilty of complaining about the people there. I am less inclined to want to go there unless I really need an item they have or I am getting a good bargain. But then one day recently God stopped me in my tracks with this statement : "You want to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, house the homeless, love the unlovable, reach others with my message of fo…


I love the beginning of a new year. I always spend time reflecting on the past one, the good and the bad, the fun and the work, the ups and the downs, the lessons learned and the memories to cherish. I decide what is working in my life and what needs to be pruned back or out entirely. I look ahead to new areas that I want to explore, new goals to achieve, new heights to attain!
I am inspired with the new direction that my life is taking. I am eager to walk a new path, full of fresh perspectives and endless possibilities. I am excited that, for now, I am outside of my chrysalis, flying with freedom that comes with knowing that I am fully loved, that I am His, and that He loves me unconditionally and outrageously!
It's gonna be a good one.