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I am...words - part 2

Words. lots and lots of words. pretty and ugly, well thought out and spontaneous, beautiful and unkind, raw and painful, healing and deep. always honest and real and me. They fill my head at all times. They flow from my fingers, and occasionally, I share them here. Other times, they sneak past my vocal cords and spill out from my mouth, desiring to be heard despite my futile attempts at quelling them.
sit down.  be quiet.
Because that's one of my wounds - that my voice is not important, my words are not important, I am not important. I've felt shushed for a long time, for many different reasons. too young, too old, too loud, too real, too immature, too right, too wrong, too much, too little, too late.

That voice is ever present, the loudest, most dominant, the one that demands to be heard. The one that says my words are not important, my voice is not necessary. Sometimes, it's in my head. Sometimes, it comes through another person's mouth. Regardless, the result is…