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in the rearview mirror

*October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

I could rummage through the memories, pinpointing exact moments, specific events or words, that, undoubtedly, led this younger me to fall prey to an abusive man. 
...and I have.
I could lay blame at the feet of circumstances or people in my life, shrugging off the cover of responsibility, and live under the banner of victim.
...and I have.
I could absolve it all, each contributor to the broken me, and allow guilt and condemnation to weigh me down, into darkness, where I justify him, where I excuse him, and live under the banner of unworthy.
...and I have.
I have, at one time or another, processed through all of these, trying desperately to find answers, to find reasons, to find healing. And, I just can't. Not anymore.
It happened. There may be a hundred reasons. There may only be one. But, life happens. I'm tired of putting my newfound freedom on hold while I travel back in time to fix what can't be fixed, to question what can&…

sex, values, and that other v word

WARNING : This post does contain some vulgar language.

The latest controversy concerning Donald Trump is all over the news and social media. And while he is running for our highest office, I am choosing not to make this a political post. Instead, I want to view this from a perspective of sex, values, and that other v word.

By now, I am sure that you have read or listened to the words that Trump had to say about women and the power he feels that his celebrity rank affords him. He isn't the first to use those words. He won't be the last. He isn't even the only man who has used his money, status or notoriety to add another notch to his bed. That definitely doesn't make his statements okay. What it does do is shine a light on what has become the norm; accepted into our society as "boys will be boys" or "no harm, no foul" because words are just words, right?


Our speech mirrors the thoughts already roaming around our heart. More times than not, onc…

where the church gets it versus them

I desire open, honest, and nonjudgmental communication from all people and all views and all ideas. The words of my posts are simply my own thoughts on how the church* can fully be operational in His Love.

The church mistakenly gives the impression that we have cornered the market on God's love. We stand atop our soapboxes touting our views as if they are the only truth, looking down our judgmental noses, and trying to sway them to our side. You know, in a me versus you, us versus them, right versus wrong, sort of way. We use fear tactics and condemning words. We are critical and discriminating. We affix our sanctimonious masks firmly, denying our own lessor evils, and protest loudly about their greater sins. We do all of this while claiming His great love.
Here is what I believe about His great love :  He abundantly lavishes it on everyone, pursuing us ALL with reckless abandon, desiring relationship with each one of His children.  He doesn't care about which church you atten…