sex, values, and that other v word

 WARNING : This post does contain some vulgar language.

The latest controversy concerning Donald Trump is all over the news and social media. And while he is running for our highest office, I am choosing not to make this a political post. Instead, I want to view this from a perspective of sex, values, and that other v word.

By now, I am sure that you have read or listened to the words that Trump had to say about women and the power he feels that his celebrity rank affords him. He isn't the first to use those words. He won't be the last. He isn't even the only man who has used his money, status or notoriety to add another notch to his bed. That definitely doesn't make his statements okay. What it does do is shine a light on what has become the norm; accepted into our society as "boys will be boys" or "no harm, no foul" because words are just words, right?


Our speech mirrors the thoughts already roaming around our heart. More times than not, once the words leave the mouth, they have already been reflected on, inspected for glimpses of truth, and accepted as just that - truth. It doesn't matter if it is truth to one or a few or everyone. The words and actions of others have already laid the foundation for what we ourselves will believe.

And therein lies the real issue. 

Making sure this man doesn't run our country does not mean that suddenly women are safer, that men will treat each woman they meet with the dignity that she deserves.

Allowing this man to run our country does not mean that suddenly men are free to roam about grabbing women by their "pussies" demanding to have their sexual needs met.

This is not a Trump issue, a Democrat versus Republican issue, not even a man versus woman issue. This is a problem at the very core of who we are, individually. We, as a whole, are raising up sons and daughters that no longer see the value within themselves, and therefore cannot see it in another. Therefore, each sex tries to weld their perspective power over the other.

That's right, this is not just a one way street. How many times have you heard a woman declare the "power of the v(agina)", or "grab a man by the balls and the rest will follow"? These are equally as offensive, equally disturbing, equally demeaning of the opposite sex. No man or woman should ever demand, coerce or manipulate another into sex, love, or anything else, for that matter.

So, how do we fix this?

Fathers and mothers, speak life into who your children are. Encourage them to be kind and courteous and loving in all ways. Teach them the difference between sex and love. Instill a sense of personal accountability and responsibility. Live by the motto that "it takes a village to raise a child" and speak the same into all children you do life with. Speak up when you hear demeaning words being spoken and demolish that lie. Love them, consistently, indiscriminately, with all that you are. Let's raise a generation that lives with a standard of love and respect and shared values of goodness.

You, speak words of life to yourself and those around you. Be kind, courteous and loving in all ways. Hold yourself accountable to raise a standard that creates an atmosphere of love and respect and values of goodness. Love yourself just as consistently, indiscriminately, with all that you are.

We can change our world. We do it one person at a time, starting with ourself.


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