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     I am doing this in a public forum because my hope is that I will become more transparent, more open, more honest, and therefore, more real in the process. I have spent too much of my life being apologetic for being me, for my thoughts, my beliefs, my true self. I will not, I cannot, apologize for this blog and my posts in it. My sincere hope is that you would not want me to. I, in no way, will go about purposely trying to offend anyone, but I'm aware that some subjects might be offensive to others. Feel free to question me, but don't judge me. I'm just being true to me.
     I love to write about anything and everything. Some of my writing will be all about my first love, my Papa, the one who holds my heart. Some will be about real life, in all of it's gritty, down-to-earth truth. Some of it you might find boring. All of it will be me - how I am feeling at that time, what my thoughts/beliefs/actions are. You may find them enlightening, funny, sarcastic, or even offensive. These are just my thoughts on my life. My life may not look like yours, and that's okay. We are all different, but all His children. I am in the midst of metamorphosis. My metamorphosis is God-driven : He is taking me through this journey one day at a time, one step at a time. His approval is the only one I seek. I may not know everything that I need to, but I am learning at my own pace, at the pace He has set for me. That being said, I welcome differing opinions, because it just might change mine.

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racism inside of america...part 1 - in the church

Because this post also fits into another of my series - where the church gets it wrong - I will add the same disclaimer:

I desire open, honest, and nonjudgmental communication from all people and all views and all ideas. The words of my posts are simply my own thoughts on how the church (When I say "church", I mean as a whole entity, not necessarily one denomination or actual building, etc., but as I see her, the Bride of Jesus, of which I am a part. I do not mean to condemn or judge her as an outsider, but simply to encourage her to even greater love, from the inside out. I also acknowledge my own involvement in the past (and even now) in less than stellar behavior before fully grasping just how deep and wide and far the grace and love of our Father flows.) can fully be operational in His Love.

Racism. It's a dressed up word for an ugliness that this country seems unable, or unwilling, to purge itself from. The struggles have been long and hard for all people of …

get out of the pit and live

*Friends don't let friends wallow.

Sometimes people want you to agree with their negativity-and then want you to just be okay with them living there. They’re perfectly content to live in the “sucky,” though they know it sucks & they don’t want to live there-they just don’t want to change enough to actually make a change.

This post hit me right in my mind, my heart, and all my feels. I am stubborn. Like, stubborn with a capital S. For most of my life, if I wanted to wallow, I expected everyone in my life to either leave me alone, there in that mess, or join me, which really justified my thoughts. I was that friend, perfectly content in the sucky.

Jesus isn’t gonna just sit around & wallow with us in our mess. He’s not gonna be like, “Aw, I’m sorry, baby, let’s just go ahead & make some snow angels in this.” No. He’s like, “All right we got this handled, let’s go; moving forward,” because He wants more for us.

It wasn't like I didn't know that I was wallowin…

where the church gets it wrong...mental illness

I desire open, honest, and nonjudgmental communication from all people and all views and all ideas. The words of my posts are simply my own thoughts on how the church* can fully be operational in His Love.

It is all over the news this week. again. And every time, my thoughts are the same : why do we have people around us who are hopeless? We are supposed to carry the very essence of Hope within us, so what are we, The Church, doing wrong?

For starters, we are not acknowledging mental illness. I know this firsthand. (You can read about our family's struggle with mental illness and acceptance here ) We question the validity of science, and the exact causes of depression and anxiety. Science is not the enemy here. The enemy is our flagrant stubbornness to recognize the truth of many studies performed by those more qualified than I.

We offer our thoughts, opinions, and prayers, and little else in the way of actual help. Do I believe in the healing power of positivity? of p…